Do you have Adrenal Fatigue? (Questionnaire)


Adrenal Stress Indicator

Write the number “1” beside symptoms you have had in the past; “2” beside symptoms that occur occasionally; “3” beside symptoms that occur often; “4” beside symptoms that occur frequently.

 Add up the total score.

 ___ Blurred vision/spots in front of eyes

___ Hormonal imbalances (i.e. thyroid problems)

___ History of asthma/bronchitis

___ Prolonged exposure to stress (job, family, illness, care giving)

___ Environmental or chemical exposure or sensitivities

___ Hypoglycemia/blood sugar problems – Mood swings

___ Poor concentration/memory problems (Alzheimer’s disease)

___ Low energy, excessive fatigue

___ Easily overwhelmed, inability to handle stress

___ Post-exertion fatigue

___ Dizziness upon standing (or fainting)

___ Inflammatory conditions (Arthritis, bursitis)

___ Nervousness/anxiety, depression, irritability or anger

___ Shortness of breath/yawning (air hunger)

___ Cold hands or feet

___ Low back pain, knee problems, sore muscles

___ Insomnia/frequent waking

___ Excessive urination

___ Excessive perspiration or No perspiration

___ Heart palpitations

___ Edema of extremities or general edema

___ Eyes light-sensitive

___ Cravings: sugar, salt or coffee and other stimulants

___ Alcohol intolerance

___ Recurrent colds or infections

___ Digestive problems, Ulcers

___ Weight gain or Weight loss

___ High or low blood pressure

• Between 30 and 50, you’ve received an early-warning indicator that your adrenals are starting to weaken

• Between 50 and 80 – start with adrenal support such as AdrenaSense®

• Between 80 and 100 – your adrenal glands are taxed so you might want to take an adrenal glandular with your AdrenaSense®

• Over 100 – you are suffering from adrenal exhaustion and will require long-term adrenal support.

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  1. Beverly Wicks

    The score I generated was 55. I’m not certain of those numbers but I was being modest in my calculation. I really enjoyed your video podcast that I found through Sprouts. I will try to follow your suggestions about food, exercise, relaxation, etc. It’s easy to say and hard to do. Anyway, how can I get some of your AdrenaSense supplement?

  2. Doctor Marita (Post author)

    Hi Beverly,

    Thank you so much for your email.
    AdrenaSense is available at all health food stores across North America including Sprouts.

    Yours In Health,

    Dr. Marita

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