Fighting Fibroids on “Better Nutrition”


This September I had an article posted on Better Nutrition, an online and print magazine packed full of nutrition resources.

The piece was on fibroids – non-cancerous growths that often appear in women’s reproductive tracts by the time they’re 40. Here’s an excerpt:

The diagnosis? Jennifer was suffering from uterine fibroids—the most common non-cancerous growth seen in the female reproductive tract. Jennifer’s doctor at the time suggested she undergo a hysterectomy.

Estimates show that 20–25 percent of women are at risk of experiencing these slow-developing growths by the age of 40—and more than half of women are likely to have them by the time they reach menopause.

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  1. Angela Schwab

    This article has made me believe that there is help beyond a hysterectomy. I am 33 and feel lost and hopeless with my fibroid situation and this article has give me some hope and ways to cope. Thank you. I will be trying all of these herbal remedies and am excited to see some relief as a hysterectomy is out of the question at my age but I sometimes feel like like it’s the only way out.

  2. Doctor Marita (Post author)

    Thank you for visiting my website Angela. I’m happy to hear that you found my article helpful!

    Yours In Health,

    Dr. Marita

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