Keeping those Healthy New Year's Resolutions

Keep your health resolutions this year

Happy New Year!

I love a new year: it not only represents an ending but a new beginning, and the start of a new and improved you! I bet many of you are probably resolved to get healthier and maybe lose those extra few pounds earned by those holiday indulgences. Some of you may also be kick starting the year off at the gym with a new exercise program. Sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be a challenge at times, so I hope the following tips will keep you on track!

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New Year's Cheer - Pomegranate Cocktails


Happy 2014! New Year’s Eve is upon us, and this year I’ll be celebrating with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic pomegranate beverages.

The pomegranate, a red fruit with a tough outer layer in which only the juice and the seeds inside are edible, is most well known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that pomegranate juice has anti-cancer and immune supporting effects, and also supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

So this NYE, sneak a little healthy, delicious pomegranate into your special cocktail, or try the recipes below (taken from the POM website).

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Gratitude: The 8 Things I am Most Thankful for this Holiday Season

Happy holidays!

As my work week winds down and the holiday season with friends and family approaches, I find myself thinking about how lucky I am and all the things that I am grateful for. So, without further ado, I’d love to share them with you. 


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Say NO to GMO

farmers market fruits & veggies

We are hearing an awful lot about genetically modified products lately and I thought that I would expand on this in this week’s blog post.

One of my favorite GMO educators is grade 8 student Rachel Parent. When she was 12 years old, she chose to do a speech on GMOs for all the students at her school in Aurora, Ontario. She decided on this topic because of “the opportunity to change so many lives, to better everyone’s health, and help improve our overburdened health care system.”

Rachel also understands that GMOs are affecting the entire planet, from humans to bees, to the entire earth, and our kids’ futures. She ended up winning a medal for her speech.

The following is from her website, which is a great resource educating on the impact GMOs have on our planet. Such an inspiration at such a young age!

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Healthy Holiday Eats: Yammy Chickpea Dip

Yammy Chickpea dip

‘Tis the season for celebration, but that doesn’t have to mean indulging in unhealthy food (well, not all the time, anyway)!

One of my favorite healthy appetizers is hummus. I am a dip girl! And what I love about hummus is that you can play with so many different flavors and add so much variety to a dish that is made up of mostly chickpeas.

I attended the Calgary Health Show last year and picked up this really great recipe book called Cleansing With Food by nutritionists Kim Marchuk and Barbara Rempel. They have such a simple and delicious hummus recipe with yams that I thought I would share with you:

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