What "Self Care" Really Means, Part 1: The Body

Image: David Straight Did you know that July 24 is International Self Care Day? All around the world, people will be slowing down a little to honour the fine art of self care. But what does that really mean? [...] read more

Six Tips To Get 2017 Back on Track

Image: Jason Briscoe How are those New Year’s Resolutions treating you? Many of my patients took on January detox diets to try and erase the sins of the last holiday season, and start the year off with clean eating. One of my patients was even doing a 30 day “no sugar” [...] read more

25 Healthy Days of Christmas RECAP! Days 1-9

I’m counting down to Christmas in my own special way this year, sharing one healthy tip a day to get through the holiday season. While it’s a shame that this time of year often comes with a side helping of stress, there’s loads of great info out there to turn around your [...] read more

Somethin' for the Fellas: Maca Superfood Smoothie

Image: Osha Key Earlier this week I explained the reality of Male Adrenal Fatigue – the release of the hormone cortisol by the adrenal glands can affect testosterone levels in the body, greatly impacting men’s energy, sex drive & performance, and muscle development. One of my [...] read more

Male Adrenal Fatigue: The Struggle is Real

Image: Sam Solomon Often when I speak of adrenal fatigue it’s in the context of women’s health. Women and men tend to react differently to stress, but this doesn’t mean the same physiological conditions are brewing just below the surface. [...] read more

Herbal Tea for Adrenal Fatigue

Image: Bino Storyteller Last week I went into some detail about Adrenal Fatigue, and how exhausting the condition can feel. So many of the patients who walk through my clinic door require adrenal support to help manage their full & stressful lives. There are many nutrition and lifestyle ways to [...] read more
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