What is Estrogen Dominance?

Did you know that there are at least two dozen identified estrogens in the human body, and they have a wide variety of functions? These estrogens are uniquely responsible for the growth and development of female sexual characteristics and reproduction.  Estrogen controls the growth of the uterine [...] read more

Protect Against Enviro-Toxins: DIY Beauty Products

Image: Aral Tasher I’ve been sharing some of the rather unfortunate details about beauty products this month, in honour of women’s health month. As much as a bummer as it is to find out how full of environmental toxins the cosmetics industry is, there are always alternatives. DIY [...] read more

What's in that Nail Polish?! The Unfortunate Truth About the Cosmetics Industry

Image: Freestocks.org In honour of Women’s Health Month I thought I’d explore an issue that affects us all, but can be particularly damaging for women: how environmental toxins affect our hormones (and how hormone disruption can have a massive impact on our health). Environmental toxins [...] read more
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Judging the Clean Beauty Awards - What's in the Box?

Image: Fernando Brasil Many of you know that I’m a pretty passionate educator when it comes to environmental toxins. I think it’s awful that the products we use to clean our homes and cleanse our bodies contain chemicals that are seriously damaging to our health (to understand more [...] read more

Liver-Lovin' Foods for Detox

Image: Katie Smith In my last post I got real about the detox fad, and had a look at what you can remove from your diet to give your body’s natural detoxing system a little boost. Today, it’s all about the food! [...] read more

Detoxing: Myth, or Marvelous?

Image: Dominik Martin Now that January has rolled around you’re probably being inundated with social media posts, blogs, and emails about detoxing. Everyone likes to get a fresh start after the holidays, so it makes sense to go on a healthy eating kick at this time of year. [...] read more