Recipes for a Healthy Father's Day BBQ

Image: Andrew Itaga I covered the basics of healthy grilling in my last post because Father’s Day is fast approaching, and, well, men like to grill things. If you want to try out some of the tips I included in that post, try the menu below – it incorporates the most important elements [...] read more
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4 Smokin' Ways to Making Grilling Healthier

Image: Stephanie McCabe There’s a lot of back and forth about grilling, barbecuing, and smoking meats in health food literature today. With father’s day on the way, and most men’s affinity for grilled meat, I thought it might be a good idea to address some of these concerns and [...] read more
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The Healthiest Mother's Day Brunch Yet!

Image: Ken Tomita I have a breakfast confession: I can’t pick a side! On the one hand, sweet breakfast choices – pancakes, waffles, smoothie bowls – get me pretty excited to get out of bed. On the other hand, however… bacon. Enough said. So when it comes time for me to put [...] read more

Supporting the Gut-Brain Connection

Image: Brooke Cagle After following along with my previous posts, The Brain-Gut Connection and What Causes Poor Gut Health?, are you a little freaked out by how your gut may be affecting your mental and physical health? Try not to let it stress you out – there’s a lot we can do to boost [...] read more
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What Causes Poor Gut Health?

Image: Benjamin Combs In this three part series, I’m exploring the connection between the gut and the brain – one of the most important connections in the human body! And one that’s been seriously overlooked until recently. For more info on the connection between your digestive [...] read more

The Brain-Gut Connection

Image: Job Tyson Have you ever had a “gut-wrenching” experience? Do you feel nauseous when you’re nervous and anxious? Have you ever experienced “butterflies” in your stomach? These descriptions aren’t figures of speech – your brain and your gut are actually intimately connected. [...] read more
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