4 Back-to-School Supplements for your Kids

Image: Aaron Burden on Unsplash It may seem a bit strange to give your child dietary supplements; kids are, by nature, pretty healthy little humans. That being said, we live in a world infinitely more stressful, chaotic and stimulus-riddled than the one we grew up in; as a result kids experience [...] read more
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4 Ways to Manage your Child's Screen Time

ImageK Kelly Sikkema There’s been quite a bit of back-and-forth in scientific research (not to mention mass media) about children’s exposure to screens in the last decade, as the use of devices has become more and more prevalent. The long and short of today situation, however, is that the [...] read more
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Quesadillas: The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Immune Booster

Image: Today’s Parent Earlier in the week I discussed some supplements you can add to your regimen to help with an immune boost. There are also tons of adult-oriented recipes, like maca smoothies and special teas, that boost the immune system. But what about the kids? [...] read more
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The Halloween Candy Crash, and How to Counteract it

Image: Laura Lee Moreau Have you noticed how sick everyone gets in November? Runny noses, fatigued-looking faces, coughing and sneezing are commonplace throughout the month. Many chalk this up to the weather – November is when fall really sets in to stay. It tends to rain more and be a bit [...] read more
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The Top 5 Supplements for Back-to-School

Image: Ben White Transitioning from summer, when we’re all typically a little more physically active, to fall, when our brain needs to come back online in a big way, may require a little support. We’ve talked diet and activity for kids and parents alike, but what else can you do to help [...] read more

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Fall

Image: Poodar Chu With the AMAZING summer we have been having so far, it’s hard to believe that school is just around the corner. You might not be thinking school supplies and sweaters quite yet, but trust me – it’s creeping up! Rather than focus on how hectic the transition can be, I like to [...] read more