Recipes for a Healthy Father's Day BBQ

Image: Andrew Itaga I covered the basics of healthy grilling in my last post because Father’s Day is fast approaching, and, well, men like to grill things. If you want to try out some of the tips I included in that post, try the menu below – it incorporates the most important elements [...] read more
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Protect Against Enviro-Toxins: DIY Beauty Products

Image: Aral Tasher I’ve been sharing some of the rather unfortunate details about beauty products this month, in honour of women’s health month. As much as a bummer as it is to find out how full of environmental toxins the cosmetics industry is, there are always alternatives. DIY [...] read more

The Healthiest Mother's Day Brunch Yet!

Image: Ken Tomita I have a breakfast confession: I can’t pick a side! On the one hand, sweet breakfast choices – pancakes, waffles, smoothie bowls – get me pretty excited to get out of bed. On the other hand, however… bacon. Enough said. So when it comes time for me to put [...] read more

What is Kombucha? (a.k.a. You Want me to Drink What?!)

Image: The Kitchn I’m exploring how important a healthy gut is this month, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the super-popular kombucha fad. Despite recently showing up everywhere (seriously – you can even get it on tap at some brew pubs!), kombucha has been around for over two [...] read more
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What is Kefir? (With Recipe)

Image: Feasting at Home Kombucha is all the rage these days – this sweet, slightly caffeinated, fizzy beverage can be found in bottles and on tap all over the place. I LOVE kombucha, but sometimes even the small amount of caffeine in it means I can’t have it, say, in the evening in [...] read more
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Feeling the 2 PM Slump? Amp up your Lunch Game!

Image: 196 Lunches Have you ever fallen prey to the 2:30 pm slump? You’ll have a good morning at the office, feel productive and energetic, and then, all of a sudden, you want to curl up under your desk for a long nap. Before you hit the coffee shop or reach for a chocolate bar, ask yourself [...] read more
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