Interview with CFJC

Doctor Marita and Dr. Karen Jensen, ND, being interviewed on CFJC about their new book, Stress and the Disease [...] read more
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VIDEO: Doctor Marita Talks Belly Fat

[...] read more
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My Natural Nutrition Lecture in Orillia!

Mid-May I spent some time in Ontario and had the honour of presenting a seminar alongside an MD named Dr. Gifford-Jones, as part of a Natural Nutrition lecture. I covered women’s health, reducing stress and balancing hormones – aka the things I’m most passionate about! It was a [...] read more
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Video: Stress Management (2013 Vancouver Health Show)

A staggering 90-95% of my patients visit me for issues that are stress-related. This ten minute clip from a talk I gave at the Vancouver Health Show explains what happens to the body when we experience stress, and why it’s so incredibly important to deal with stress effectively. I also [...] read more
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How Do Environmental Toxins Affect Your Health?

We’re hearing more and more about environmental toxins these days, but many people are still uncertain what they are, and where we encounter them. These toxins can be found in our homes, our food, in the air we breathe, and even in a few places (like your water bottle) that might surprise [...] read more
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