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Collagen Book Mock-Up Extra SmallCollagen: Myths and Misconceptions

Paging through beauty magazines, we see advertisements for “anti-wrinkle” creams and “serums,” leading us to believe that all we need to do to increase the youth-preserving collagen in our skin is to rub it on topically! Neither creams nor procedures do anything to help your body generate health-improving and beauty-supporting collagen. If your body is generating collagen it shows: you will radiate health and vitality at any age. Collagen – Myths and Misconceptions debunks myths about collagen “creams,” beauty industry promises and plastic surgery to show you how and why building and generating collagen is an essential component to true health and beauty. Collagen – Myths and Misconceptions is available at most health food stores across Canada (e.g. Canadian Vitamin ShopMom’s Vitamin Fix


The Adrenal Stress Connection

Adrenal fatigue is a very common and quickly growing problem of modern life. The stressors we are faced with on a daily basis all contribute to stress on the adrenal glands. People suffering from adrenal fatigue are much more likely to develop various other common diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer, heart disease and more. In The Adrenal Stress Connection Dr. Karen Jensen, ND and Dr. Marita Schauch, BSc, ND, explore how healthy adrenal glands prevent chronic disease and allow us to maintain energy and vitality even during stressful times. The Adrenal Stress Connection is available at most health food stores across Canada and online through Amazon and Indigo.


Making Sense of Women’s Health

Making Sense of Women’s Health is a comprehensive guide for women of all ages. It offers information on complementary therapies such as lifestyle and diet, vitamin supplementation, and herbs to help women make informed choices about their specific health concerns. Making Sense of Women’s Health is available at most health food stores across Canada and online at Amazon and Indigo.